10 Free Student checking accounts

As students navigate their academic journeys, financial matters often become a significant aspect of their lives. Having a reliable and cost-effective checking account can make a world of difference. At Responsible Economy, we explore the top free student checking account options available in the United States. These accounts are tailored to meet the unique needs of students, offering features such as no monthly maintenance fees, convenient online access, and widespread ATM accessibility.

Banks that offer free accounts for students

We have compiled a ranking of the top 10 fee-free accounts for students, along with the key features of each. Below, you’ll find complete information about each account:

Logo Chase
  • It is very easy to avoid monthly commissions.
  • Welcome bonus of 100 dollars fulfilling conditions.
  • More than 16,000 ATMs in the United States.
  • $25 minimum deposit.
  • Very low interest rates.
Capital ONE MONEY Teen checking
  • It is very easy to avoid monthly commissions.
  • $0 welcome bonus.
  • More than 70,000 ATMs in the United States.
  • $0 minimum deposit.
  • Very low interest rates.
Truist Bank logo
  • $0 fees up to 23 years old.
  • $0 welcome bonus
  • Two withdrawals free
  • $0 minimum deposit
  • Very low interest rates
BMO logo
  • $0 Annual fees
  • $0 welcome bonus
  • ATMs free: BMO and Allpoints
  • $0 minimum deposit
  • Very low interest rates
Logo U.S. Bank
  • Easy to avoid monthly commissions
  • $0 welcome bonus
  • ATMs free: U.S. Bank
  • $0 minimum deposit
  • Very low interest rates
TD Bank logo
  • Easy to avoid monthly commissions
  • $0 welcome bonus
  • ATMs free: TD Bank
  • $0 minimum deposit
  • Very low interest rates
Capital ONE MONEY Teen checking
  • No monthly fees
  • $0 welcome bonus
  • More than 70,000 ATMs in the United States
  • $0 minimum deposit
  • High interest rates.
Logo PNC Bank
  • It is very easy to avoid monthly commissions
  • $0 welcome bonus
  • fulfilling conditions
  • More than 60,000 ATMs in the United States
  • $25 minimum deposit ($0 online)
  • Very low interest rates
Bank of America logo
  • It is very easy to avoid monthly commissions
  • No welcome bonus
  • More than 16,000 ATMs in the United States
  • $100 minimum deposit
  • No welcome bonus
  • High interest rates if you have a lot of savings
Wells Fargo logo
  • It is very easy to avoid monthly commissions
  • Nearly 12,000 ATMs
  • $25 minimum deposit
  • Welcome bonus of 300 dollars fulfilling conditions
  • High interest rates on CDs

Chase College Checking

Designed specifically for students aged 17-24, Chase College Checking offers an excellent student-focused banking experience. This account comes with a debit card and mobile access, and the monthly service fee is waived for up to five years. Notably, students can earn a $100 bonus by opening the account and completing qualifying transactions within 60 days. With access to 16,000 ATMs and the reputation of one of the largest US banks, Chase College Checking℠ is a solid option.

U.S. Bank Smartly

U.S. Bank Smartly Checking: U.S. Bank Smartly Checking presents a solid basic checking account equipped with various essential features. While it has a $6.95 monthly maintenance fee, it can be easily waived by meeting certain criteria. These criteria include being age 24 and under, having combined monthly direct deposits of $1,000 or more, maintaining an average account balance of $1,500 or more, holding an eligible U.S. Bank credit card, or qualifying for one of the Smart Rewards tiers. U.S. Bank’s appealing bonus offer of up to $1,000 adds to the account’s attractiveness.

Chime Checking

Chime stands as a pioneer in mobile banking, offering a mobile-first approach to revolutionize banking. With a strong emphasis on affordability, Chime® provides a top-notch free checking account for students. Although it operates exclusively through its app, Chime® boasts an impressive ATM network of 60,000 nationwide. The account requires no minimum balance, charges no monthly fees, and even offers an attractive 2.00% APY¹ on deposits. Chime® is a suitable choice for students comfortable with a mobile-only platform.


Current is a leading mobile banking app endorsed by prominent figures like YouTuber Mr. Beast. The free version of Current’s checking account is a robust option for students, featuring no minimum balance requirements, no overdraft fees, and access to over 40,000 fee-free ATMs. A standout feature is the opportunity to earn up to 4.00% APY on balances up to $6,000 by using Savings Pods. The ease of mobile banking and cashback incentives makes Current an attractive choice.

Axos Essentials Checking

Axos Bank’s Essentials Checking is a nationwide free checking option with no monthly maintenance fees, minimum balance requirements, or overdraft fees. Although not exclusively targeted at students, its accessibility and unlimited ATM fee reimbursement make it an attractive choice for young account holders.

Bank of America Advantage SafeBalance Banking

Bank of America Advantage SafeBalance Banking® offers a unique approach with multiple settings to waive the monthly maintenance fee. The $100 bonus offer for new customers adds to its appeal. While not exclusively a student checking account, it offers convenient banking options with thousands of ATMs available.

HSBC Student Checking

HSBC’s Student Checking account is designed with the needs of students in mind. With no minimum balance requirements and fees waived for up to six years, it provides nationwide access to a large ATM network.

Discover Cashback Debit

Discover Cashback Debit rewards students with 1% cashback on up to $3,000 in debit card purchases per month. The account also offers fee-free overdraft protection and early access to paychecks, making it a valuable option for students seeking cashback incentives.

TD Bank Convenience Checking

While not explicitly a student account, TD Bank Convenience Checking℠ offers an excellent banking experience for students. Maintaining a $100 average daily balance or falling within the age range of 17-23 allows students to avoid monthly maintenance fees.

USAA Classic Checking

USAA Classic Checking is an enticing option for eligible members, offering no-fee checking, free checks, online BillPay, and ATM fee reimbursements. While membership eligibility is restricted, those who qualify can benefit from USAA’s renowned banking services.

Frequent questions

Now, we’ll address all the questions you might have regarding the best student checking accounts:


Selecting the right checking account is a pivotal decision for students, as it sets the stage for their financial well-being. The accounts mentioned above offer unique features tailored to meet the specific requirements of students, ensuring convenient access, affordability, and potential rewards. It’s crucial for students to evaluate these options based on their individual preferences and banking needs to make an informed choice that aligns with their financial goals.

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