What credit score is required by Discover credit cards?

Do you want to know what Credit Score you need for each of the credit cards that Discover offers? From Responsible Economy we show you in a very simple way all the credit cards that you can apply for with Discover and the credit score of each one.

Credit Score of each Discover credit card

Discover offers up to 7 different card types. Each of these cards has a different Credit Score. For this reason we have made a list with the type of card and the credit score required:

  • Cash back credit card: good or excellent (Greater than 640)
  • Student Cash Back: no credit score required
  • Discover It Secured Credit Card: no credit score required
  • Discover It Student Chrome: no credit score required
  • Travel Credit Card: good or excellent (Greater than 640)
  • Discover it Chrome Gas and restaurants: good or excellent (Greater than 640)
  • NHL Discover it Credit Card: good or excellent (Greater than 640)

Of the 7 credit cards that Discover offers, for 4 of these cards you need a good or excellent credit score (greater than 640). These cards are Cash back credit card, Travel Credit Card, Discover it Chrome Gas and restaurants, NHL Discover it Credit Card.

Discover student credit cards also do not require a Credit Score. The only necessary requirement is that you are really studying.

Discover also offers a secured credit card. These cards are designed to start generating the credit score. First you have to deposit money on the card and after time you can start increasing the credit limit.


Discover offers credit cards for all kinds of profiles of people. You have credit cards for students without the need to have a credit score, you have secured credit cards to start building a credit score and you have credit cards with very good conditions in which you need a high credit score.

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