Capital One 360 CD review

Do you want to know all the features that the Capital One 360 ​​CD offers? Alfredo Barandiarán analyzes for Responsible Economy all the characteristics, requirements and opinions of the Capital One certificate of deposit. We also show you a comparison with the main certificates of deposit that you can open in 2023.


We start the article seeing all the characteristics of the Capital One 360 CD:


This certificate of deposit has no monthly fees. It is also not necessary to have a minimum monthly balance.


The returns depend on the term you choose. We have made a table with the terms you can choose and the returns Capital One offer:

6 months3,30% APY
9 months3,30% APY
11 months5,00% APY
12 months4,15% APY
18 months4,25% APY
24 months4,30% APY
30 months4,30% APY
36 months4,30% APY
48 months4,20% APY
60 months4,10% APY
Terms and Yield Capital One 360 CD

Minimum deposit

No minimum deposit is required to open the CD.


The terms that you can choose range from 6 months to 60 months.

Best banks to open a CD in 2023

We have made a comparison of Capital ONE’s 360 CD with the best banks to open a CD in 2023:

Logo capital One CDs
  • 5% APY
  • Minimum deposit: $0
  • Term: 11 months
  • Member FDIC
Marcus by Goldman Sachs
  • 4,40% APY
  • Minimum deposit: $5000
  • Term: 12 months
  • Member FDIC
CIT Bank Logo
  • 4,65% APY
  • Minimum deposit: $1000
  • Term: 13 months
  • Member FDIC
  • 4,60% APY
  • Minimum deposit: $0
  • Term: 14 months
  • Member FDIC
Alliant Logo
  • 4,60% APY
  • Minimum deposit: $1000
  • Term: 12 months
  • Member FDIC
Bask bank logo
  • 4,55% APY
  • Minimum deposit: $1000
  • Term: 12 months
  • Member FDIC
Barclays Logo
  • 4,50% APY
  • Minimum deposit: $0
  • Term: 12 months
  • Member FDIC
BMO logo
  • 4,50% APY
  • Minimum deposit: $1000
  • Term: 12 months
  • Member FDIC

Can a deposit be opened without penalty?

Capital One does not offer the ability to open a CD without penalty. If you withdraw the money before the expected term, you will have a penalty in the interest to be received.


The requirements to open a certificate of deposit with Capital One are the following:

  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Live in the United States
  • Have a Social Security
  • Have an American phone number

How to Open the Capital One 360 ​​CD

You have 2 ways to open the Capital ONE 360 deposit: online or in branches. You cannot open the deposit over the phone. If you have any questions, we recommend that you go to a branch.

Pros and Cons

After analyzing the 360 ​​Capital One CD and seeing a comparison of the best deposits, we have made a table with all the advantages and disadvantages:

Very high yieldswithdrawal penalty
Deadlines from 6 to 60 months
No minimum balance
Pros and Cons Capital One 360 CD


After doing a full analysis, our conclusion is that Capital One’s 360 CD is one of the best CDs you can open in the United States because it offers one of the highest returns, has no fees, and doesn’t require a minimum balance.

Frequent question

Now we answer all the questions you may have:

More information about Capital One

Here you have more information of interest about Capital One:

More information about Capital One

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