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Interested in a comprehensive review of the Burlington credit card? Responsible Economy has conducted a thorough analysis covering aspects such as fees, cashback rewards, discounts, interest rates, and all the essential details you need to be informed about the Burlington credit card. Feel free to explore and learn more. let’s get started!

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In this section we explain in detail each point of the Burlington credit card:


Credit card fees are undoubtedly a crucial consideration for many. Nobody wants to be burdened with annual charges. The Burlington credit card, fortunately, stands out as a fee-free option, ensuring that cardholders can enjoy its benefits without worrying about recurring fees.


Credit cards issued by stores such as Burlington often provide appealing purchase incentives. The Burlington credit card, for instance, awards 1 point for every dollar spent. Upon accumulating 100 points, you receive a $5 reward, effectively translating to a 5% discount on each purchase.

Furthermore, there’s an attractive first-purchase benefit: a direct 10% discount applied to your initial transaction using the credit card. This combination of ongoing rewards and an initial discount makes the Burlington credit card a compelling choice for savvy shoppers.

Burlington credit card cashback
Burlington credit card cashback


When you choose to settle your credit card balance at the end of each month, you can avoid incurring any fees. However, if you opt to delay the payment of your purchases, it’s important to note that the interest rate applied is 29.99% APR.

Summary table

We have created a summary table with all features:

Cashback5%+10% discount on your first purchase using the credit card
RatesSettle your balance monthly to avoid fees. Deferred payments carry an interest rate of 29.99% APR.
Burlington credit card summary table

Comparison with the best credit cards 2023

We have conducted a comparison of Burlington credit card with the best credit cards you can apply for in the United States:

Chase freedom unlimited
  • Fees: $0
  • Cashback: 1,5%-6,5%
  • Bonus: up to $300
  • Credit Score: 690-850
Wells Fargo Active Cash Card
  • Fees: $0
  • Cashback: 2%
  • Welcome bonus: $200
  • Credit Score: 690-850
Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
  • Fees: $95
  • Cashback: 1x-5x
  • Welcome bonus: 60.000 points
  • Credit Score: 690-850
Capital One SavorOne Cash Rewards Credit Card
  • Fees: $0
  • Cashback: 1%-10%
  • Welcome bonus:$200
  • Credit Score: 690-850
Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card
  • Fees: $95
  • Cashback: 2x-5x
  • Welcome bonus:75.000 miles
  • Credit Score: 690-850
Discover it Cash Back
  • Fees: $0
  • Cashback: 1%-5%
  • Welcome bonus: up to $300
  • Credit Score: 690-850
Citi Simplicity Card
  • Fees: $0
  • Cashback: 1%-5%
  • Welcome bonus: $200
  • Credit Score: 690-850
BankAmericard credit card
  • Fees: $0
  • Cashback: up to 3%
  • Welcome bonus: $200
  • Credit Score: 690-850
Costco credit card image
  • Fees: $0
  • Cashback: up to 4%
  • Welcome bonus: $0
  • Credit Score: 690-850
Burlington credit card image
  • Fees: $0
  • Cashback: up to 5%
  • Welcome bonus: $0
  • Credit Score: 690-850
Sofi credit card
  • Fees: $0
  • Cashback: up to 3%
  • Welcome bonus: $0
  • Credit Score: 690-850

Video best credit cards

We also show you an explanatory video with all the characteristics of each credit card:

Best credit cards

Pros and cons

After a comprehensive review of the Burlington credit card and a thorough comparison with some of the top credit cards available, we’ve assembled a table outlining the advantages and disadvantages for your consideration:

No feesOnly valid in Burlington
100% off first purchase
5% cashback in each purchase
Pros and Cons Burlington credit card


These are the requirements that you must meet to contract this credit card:

  • Be of legal age in your state or territory 
  • Have a valid, government-issued tax identification number (such as an SSN or SIN) 
  • Have a street, rural route, or APO/FPO mailing address (no P.O. Box addresses) 
  • Have a valid, government-issued photo ID

Opinions and conclusion

Following our comprehensive review, we’ve formed a positive perspective on the Burlington credit card’s terms. It offers favorable conditions, allowing you to benefit from up to 5% cashback on every purchase and a substantial 10% discount on your initial transaction. However, it’s crucial to note that deferring payments comes with notably high interest rates.

For individuals planning frequent purchases at Burlington, this credit card holds significant appeal. The potential for sizeable cashback rewards and the initial discount make it an enticing option, particularly if your spending aligns with the store’s offerings.

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